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My parents have recently passed away within 6 months of each other.

They had signed a contract with Central Security Group-Nationwide, Inc,

out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. After their death I tried to cancel their service because obviously it was no longer needed.

On several occasions I spoke with the customer servce department which gave me a different answer each time on how to cancel (send death certificates, send power of attorney, etc. but they continued to mail a bill(they have the death certificates by now). They turned parents into a collections department! I called the collections department, who in turn sent me back to the customer service department, who in turn basically said tough luck.

I have gotten nowhere with this company. Parents signed a 3 year contract stating "unless cancelled by either of us in writing at least 30 days before the end of the original term". How is this possible if they are dead?????

This company is a scam with a no way out contract. DO NOT SIGN a contract with them, you will never get out of it under any circumstances!!!!Even if you are DEAD!!

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I am in the same situation. I posted a comment here about it which remained up for a week, but now seems to have been taken down. ??

CSG refuses to terminate the contract of my deceased family member, even after we have satisfied their requests for copies of the death certificate, will, probate letters, and have sent legal statements from the executor of the estate.

In the mean time, after a request to terminate service and all of these documents were sent, CSG made another automatic withdrawal from the deceased's account. We could not close the accounts for a period because the banks have you jump through quite a few hoops in this situation before allowing you to assume control of a deceased's accounts.

After all of these prior interactions, CSG now says the remainder of the contract must be "bought out" for a sum over $600.

CSG aka Guardian is based in Tulsa, those in this situation should contact the Oklahoma Attorney General.


do not send any money. after all, what can they do besides billing the estate

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